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Ed and Eddie's list of 90 plays, musicals and operas seen in 2013 organized by month. Besides the San Francisco Bay Area, we saw shows in New York City and London.

Ratings Legend:
5* - Loved It – A classic, would see it a second time.
4* - Really Liked It – Excellent, strong production.
3* - Liked It – Good production but something is lacking or not clicking.
2* - Just OK – Below average but had at least one interesting component.
1* - Did Not Like It – Waste of time.
No rating – A work in progress (reading or workshop), or children’s production.

Rating*, Show Title - Author, Presenting Theatre (comments)
[Synopsis or review]

4*, Bell, Book and Candle - John Van Druten, San Francisco Playhouse
[Gillian, a mostly good witch risks everything including her powers if she falls in love with a mortal man in this 50's RomCom. Play was made into a James Stewart & Kim Novak movie.]
4*, Troublemaker or the Freakin Kick-A Adventures of Bradley Boatright - Dan LeFranc, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[Troubled working-class Rhode Island tween, Bradley, and his devoted best friend, Mikey, trun his superhero fantasies as shaped by his origin story into a calling as a protector of his mother after the death of his dad.]
3*, Peer Gynt - Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Grieg, Robin Holloway, Alfred Schnittke, San Francisco Symphony
[A multimedia dramatic poem about a very bad boy and the redemptive love of a very good woman. Includes trolls, epic journeys to far-away lands, and mythological creatures.]
4*, Somewhere - Matthew Lopez, TheatreWorks (Priscilla Lopez)
[As the film of West Side Story shoots on their doorstep, redevelopment threatens a Puerto Rican family striving to match sky-high hopes with low-end reality. But nothing can quell the starry-eyed dreams of the Candelarias, a talented clan of hoofers determined to crash the boards of Broadway and Hollywood.]
3*, Woyzeck - Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan, Robert Wilson, Georg Büchner, Shotgun Players
[Büchner's unfinished, protomodernist 1837 play about a Kafkaesque German soldier who goes crazy after doing medical experiments for money and kills his girlfriend after witnessing a perceived infidelity.]
4*, 4000 Miles - Amy Herzog, A.C.T.
[21-year-old Leo unexpectedly arrives on the doorstep of his feisty 91-year-old grandmother Vera's NYC apartment, dazed after a cross-country bike trip. Sparks fly as Vera's surprising political views collide with Leo's carefree hippie lifestyle.]

5*, Dead Certain - Marcus Lloyd, Expression Productions
[An out- of-work actor is hired by a reclusive, theater-obsessed ex-dancer to privately act out a play she has written.The truth and illusion become almost inseparably entangled in a game of cat and mouse.]
5*, Hedwig and the Angry Inch - John Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Trask, Boxcar Theatre
[A musical of botched sex-change surgeries, historical ironies, worthless lovers, defiant anthems and showbiz injustice. Includes a roster of 8 different Hedwigs.]
3*, Why Torture Is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them - Christopher Durang, The Custom Made Theatre Co.
[Is a woman's new husband, whom she married when drunk, a terrorist or just crazy? Is her father’s butterfly collecting really a cover for his involvement in a shadow government? Does her mother go to the theater to seek mental escape, or is she just insane?]
5*, After Ashley - Gina Gionfriddo, Dragon Productions Theatre Company
[A biting dark satire that looks at a father and son coping with the violent murder of their wife/mother in the eye of a media storm or reality TV and corrupt non-profits.]
4*, Dear Harvey - Patricia Loughrey, Thomas Hodges, New Conservatory Theatre Center
[Docudrama that is part personal memorial, part tribute to a political legacy of Harvey Milk.]
4*, Promises, Promises - Neil Simon, Burt Bacharach, Hal David, South Bay Musical Theatre
[Based on the film The Apartment by Billy Wilder. It is Manhattan in the 1960’s and bachelor Chuck has what some of his colleagues desire: an apartment for fooling around.]
5*, The Motherf**ker with the Hat - Stehpen Adly Guirgis, San Francisco Playhouse
[A high-octane, verbal cage match about love, fidelity and misplaced haberdashery. Jackie is on parole, clean and sober under the guidance of his sponsor, Ralph, while loving his volatile soulmate Veronica, who is far from sober.]
5*, Nijinsky - John Neumeier, Hamburg Ballet at War Memorial Opera House
[A dance theater dream epic based on the tumultuous life of dancer Vaslav Nijinsky. Music by Chopin and Schumann, Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich.]

5*, The Fourth Messenger - Tanya Shaffer, Vienna Teng, Ashby Theatre
[Musical loosely inspired by the life of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Here the "awakened one" is a woman guru with a mysterious past. A crusading journalist finds more than she expected when pursuing an expose of the spiritual leader.]
4*, Our Practical Heaven - Anthony Clarvoe, Aurora Theatre
[Three generations of women gather over 3 holidays at a summer home. Drama covers family tensions to climate change, including mother-daughter battles, cancer, cutthroat capitalism, rising sea levels, autoimmune diseases and aging parents.]
No rating, Our Undocumented Lives: Stories from a Politic and a People - UndocuTeatro - Brava Theater
[Student workshop/class from Stanford. ]
5*, The Chairs - Eugène Ionesco, The Cutting Ball Theater
[An elderly couple who pass their time telling each other half-remembered stories. The Old Man resolves to convey his wisdom to a lifetime of friends, while the Old Woman frantically sets out chairs.]
5*, Dead Metaphor - George F. Walker, A.C.T.
[A black comedy about a sniper returning from the war in Iraq. After a visit to a job counselor he gets a job with a right-wing female politician. He readjusts to non-bunker life by moving in with his father suffering from a brain tumor and pregnant ex-wife. ]
5*, The Mountaintop - Katori Hall, TheatreWorks
[A Memphis motel, 1968. First night for a sassy maid and the last for an icon of our time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fresh from the speech of a lifetime. Show re-imagines the night before the tragedy.]
4*, Fallaci - Lawrence Wright, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[A young woman writer interviews the legendary Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci at the end of her life. What begins as a discussion of journalism ends with two women exchanging life-changing lessons about destiny and empathy.]
4*, Dostoevsky's The Grand Inquisitor - Gary Graves, Central Works (Julian Lopez-Morillas)
[Set in Seville during the Spanish Inquisition, the Grand Inquisitor, a ruthless old man hellbent on maintaining control with the rack and the wheel, must address a stranger who is reportedly able to perform miracles. From a story told by one of the characters in The Brothers Karamazov.]
5*, Snow White & Her Merry Men - San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus & Beach Blanket Babylon, Davies Symphony Hall (Eddie Reynolds)
[Snow White looks for her true love with the help of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.]
5*, Onegin - John Cranko, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, San Francisco Ballet
[Based on Alexander Pushkin’s novel Eugene Onegin, as is the 1879 Tchaikovsky opera that preceded it. The score is comprised of various piano and orchestral pieces by Tchaikovsky. Plot: She loves; he rebuffs. Years later he yearns; she is married. Who's crying now?]
4*, The Couch - Lynne Kaufman, 3Girls Theatre Company
[A tumultuous day in the life of Carl Jung when he faces the possible loss of his mentor, Sigmund Freud, his long suffering wife, and his distraught mistress.]
3*, Eurydice - Sarah Ruhl, The Custom Made Theatre Co.
[A retelling of the myth of Orpheus from the perspective of Eurydice, his wife. In this adaption, Eurydice must choose between returning to earth with Orpheus or to stay in Hades with her father.]

5*, Miss Coco Peru: She's Got Balls - Clinton Leupp, Castro Theatre
[Coco reflects on her childhood dreams of being a stripper, her crush on the Creature from the Black Lagoon, her love/hate relationship with Facebook, why she left her beloved NYC, and her summers spent on a nude beach with her husband, Rafael (he's from Spain).]
5*, The Whipping Man - Matthew Lopez, Marin Theatre Company
[At the end of the Civil War, a Jewish Confederate soldier returns to find his once-grand home in ruins, occupied only by two of his family’s former slaves. The three men must grapple with their responsibility toward each other and the secrets they hold while celebrating Passover.]
5*, Being Earnest - Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska, Oscar Wilde, TheatreWorks
[London,1965. This romantic pop musical moves Wilde’s comic masterpiece The Importance of Being Earnest to a Carnaby Street flat, where mod music and morality inspire young love, but outrage Lady Bracknell, the keeper of tradition’s flame.]
5*, Reasons to Be Pretty - Neil Labute, San Francisco Playhouse
[A bristling comedy confronts our obsession with beauty. See what happens when Greg, a working-class guy in a long-term relationship, inadvertently remarks to a friend that, compared to a pretty coworker, his girlfriend is "regular."]
5*, The Happy Ones - Julie Marie Myatt, Magic Theatre
[Southen California, 1975, is the happiest place on earth for appliance store owner Walter Wells. But when he suddenly loses his family, Walter must struggle to navigate grief and wrestle with forgiving a Vietnamese refugee named Bao Ngo, who bears his own sadness.]
4*, Stuck Elevator - Byron Au Yong, Aaron Jafferis, A.C.T.
[A musical/chamber opera based on the true story of a Chinese deliveryman who was trapped in a Bronx elevator for 81 hours. Sounding the alarm will open the doors to freedom, but calling for help also means calling for attention—with dire consequences for this undocumented immigrant.]
4*, Carnival! - Bob Merrill, Michael Stewart, 42nd Street Moon
[A musical based on the film Lili. Naïve French girl, Lili, gets emotionally involved with angery puppeteer Paul and rogueish magician Marco. It explores the milieu of the Cirque de Paris.]
4*, Pericles, Prince of Tyre - William Shakespeare, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[A virtuous man clings to the mast of a storm-tossed ship as his family reels from palace to brothel to a sacred Greek temple. Knights and pirates, villains and kings…reconceived by Mark Wing-Davey and Jim Calder.]
5*, The Arsonists - Max Frisch, Aurora Theatre
[Inspired by the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia in 1948, this absurdist allegory satirizes the way in which people can be manipulated into accommodating their own destruction.]

4*, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma - Pam Tent, Scrumbly Koldewyn, Thrillpeddlers
[A new full- length, restored version of The Cockettes’ 1971 musical extravaganza. A 1930's temperamental actress and her ingénue as they travel from Hollywood to Broadway then back again in search of stardom and artistic relevance.]
5*, Cinderella - Sergei Prokofiev, Christopher Wheeldon, Craig Lucas, San Francisco Ballet
[Inspired by the Brothers Grimm and Perrault fairy tales, this is a darker imaginative co-production with Dutch National Ballet. It is a more serious version centered around nature and the spirit of mother.]
4*, Little Me - Niel Simon, Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh, 42nd Street Moon
[Based on novel by Patrick Dennis Little Me: The Intimate Memoirs of that Great Star of Stage, Screen and Television/Belle Poitrine, an illustrated autobiography of an imaginary diva. It tells the story of her rise to fame with the help of several willing gentlemen.]
5*, Black Watch - Gregory Burke, A.C.T. (National Theatre of Scotland)
[Based on interviews with former soldiers, it portrays soldiers in the Black Watch regiment of the British Army serving on Operation TELIC in Iraq during 2004, prior to the amalgamation into the Royal Regiment of Scotland.]
4*, Arcadia - Tom Stoppard, A.C.T.
[An English country house and two timelines: 1809–1812 and the present day. Explores the relationship between past and present and between order and disorder and the certainty of knowledge.]
3*, Prelude to a Kiss - Craig Lucas, The Custom Made Theatre Co.
[An old man at a wedding asks to kiss the bride. When he does, the bride and the man switch minds, unbeknownst to the groom, who must gradually figure out what has happened.]

5*, Dear Elizabeth - Sarah Ruhl, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[Follows the friendship between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. Across oceans and continents, across three decades, these esteemed poets found a true marriage of minds in their eloquent correspondence.]
5*, Abigail’s Party - Mike Leigh, San Francisco Playhouse
[A biting, disco infused satire of British suburbia in the 70's is a party. Beverly and Laurence host a drinks party for neighbors. The guests: new couple Angela and Tony, Sue, a divorcee whose daughter Abigail is having a rowdy party. After a series of awkward silences and arguments about music and art, Laurence, tense from the outset, dies of a heart attack.]
5*, Beach Blanket Babylon - Club Fugazi Beach Blanket Babylon
[Snow White travels the world in search of her true love.]
5*, The Tales of Hoffmann - Jacques Offenbach, Jules Barbier, Michel Carré, San Francisco Opera
[An opéra fantastique based on three short stories by E. T. A. Hoffmann: The Sandman, The Cremona Violin, and The Lost Reflection. Hoffmann himself is used as the main protagonist to frame the stories.]
5*, Wild with Happy - Colman Domingo, TheatreWorks
[Mom passed away—now where to put her? A struggling black actor rejects the rituals of grief, opting instead for a rapturous road trip to the happiest place on earth.]
1*, Krispy Kritters in the Scarlett Night - Andrew Saito, The Cutting Ball Theatre
[Left at intermission. Misfits in a Tenderloin: a prostitute that desires married men to make organ sacrifices, a grandmother that pulls wild animals out her ears and a lonely kinky morgue worker.]
4*, Così fan tutte - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lorenzo Da Ponte, San Francisco Opera
[A tale of fianceé swapping and gambling with love, jealousy, human weakness and forgiveness.]
4*, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene - Mark Adamo, San Francisco Opera
[Drawing on the Gnostic gospels, it reimagines the New Testament through the eyes of its lone substantial female character. Mary’s clashes with Jesus’s disciple Peter suggest how the personal politics within Jesus’ movement may have played out in its own place and time.]

Week in New York City, 7 days-11 shows
5*, Pippin - Roger O. Hirson, Stephen Schwartz, The Music Box/American Repertory Theater (Patina Miller, Andrea Martin)
[A mysterious performance troupe, led by a Leading Player, tells the story of Pippin, a young prince on his search for meaning and significance.]
5*, Kinky Boots - HarveyFierstein, Cindi Lauper, Al Hirschfield Theater (Billy Porter)
[Based on the 2005 British film about a struggling, family-owned English shoe factory that avoids bankruptcy when its young boss, Charlie, develops a plan to produce custom fetish-type footwear for drag artists rather than the men's dress shoes. In order to save his workers from losing their source of income, Charlie partners with Lola, a drag queen, to save the business he inherited.]
5*, Cinderella - Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Douglas Carter Beane, The Broadway
[Orginally written for TV, Cinderella opens Prince Topher's eyes to the injustice in the kingdom. The prince's parents have died, leaving the kingdom in the hands of a villainous prime minister, who has been the prince's mentor and has duped his young charge into approving oppressive legislation. The rebel Jean-Michel, a new character, and stepsister Gabrielle are in love and seeking to overthrow the government.]
4*, Matilda the Musical - Dennis Kelly, Tim Minchin, Roald Dahl, Shubert Theater (Bertie Carvel)
[Based on the children's novel by Roald Dahl, it concerns a precocious 5-year-old girl who loves to read and how she overcomes family and school obstacles and helps her teacher to reclaim her life.]
5*, The Assembled Parties - Richard Greenberg, Manhattan Theatre Club (Jessica Hecht, Judith Light)
[The story of a Jewish family living on the Upper West Side of New York City told in 2 acts over a twenty-year period, 1980 to 2000. Set on two Christmas Days, it charts the decline of the Bascov family. It contemplate the legacies we leave to our families and friends when we do things that we know are wrong.]
5*, The Nance - Douglas Carter Beane, Lyceum (Nathan Lane)
[In 1937 Chauncey Miles is a star in a burlesque theatre in NYC, playing a "nance" or the stock character of an effeminate homosexual. Chauncey is gay and looks for men at an automat, but he must be careful or he could be arrested. There he meets younger Ned and they become romantically involved. Mayor La Guardia is trying to end burlesque, in part by persecuting the gay population. Chauncey, in court, defends burlesque and free expression. He also comes to understand that he cannot be monogamous with Ned.]
5*, The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin - Steven Levenson, Roundabout Theatre
[Tom Durnin did the time for his white-collar crime. Now, he’s determined to win back the respect he believes he deserves—even if that means ripping apart the new life his family has so carefully put together in his absence. A funny, raw and moving drama about the price we pay for defaulting on those we love.]
5*, Choir Boy - Tarrell Alvin McCraney, Manhattan Theatre Club
[The all-black Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys is the setting for this play with music that provides sometimes direct, sometimes allusive commentary in a coming-of-age work that explores the tug between tradition and self-expression in young black men. The effeminate Pharus wants nothing more than to take his rightful place as leader of the school's legendary gospel choir. Can he find his way inside the hallowed halls of this institution if he sings in his own key?]
5*, Lucky Guy - Nora Ephron, Broadhurst (Tom Hanks)
[The play depicts "the heyday of the New York tabloids in the 80s, when the Daily News, the Post and the upstart Newsday lined up against each other". It covers the life of NYC tabloid columnist Mike McAlary who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for exposing police brutality in Brooklyn's 70th precinct. We follow McAlary’s life from 1985 to 1998 as he bounds from one New York City newsroom to another.]
5*, Trip to Bountiful - Horton Foote, Stephen Sondheim Theatre (Cuba Gooding, Jr., Vanessa Williams, Cecely Tyson)
[The play involves a "woman who has to live with a daughter-in-law who hates her and a son who does not dare take her side." While the unhappy family lives in a Houston apartment, Carrie Watts dreams of returning to Bountiful, where she was raised. She eventually runs away and embarks by bus to her destination. She meets several people along the way and upon her arrival, she is wisked back to Houston by her son and daughter-in-law.]
4*, The Explorers Club - Nell Benjamin, Manhattan Theatre Club
[London, 1879. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible. True, this female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire, and how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Prepare for a farce of mad science involving deadly cobras, a guinea pig, irate Irishmen and the occasional airship.]

4*, The Loudest man on Earth - Catherine Rush, TheatreWorks
[He: A deaf, reclusive stage director. She: A bold, dynamic journalist. Two worlds—signing and speaking—collide in an off-beat romantic comedy.]
4*, Camelot - Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe, San Francisco Playhouse
[A widescreen, punk-inspired look at the creaky musical of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.]

One day in London, England, 2 shows:
5*, Top Hat - Irving Berlin, Matthew White, Howard Jacques, Aldwych Theatre
[Musical based on 1935 Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers move. An American dancer comes to London to star in a show where he meets and attempts to impress a woman in a hotle room below him and to win her affection.]
5*, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon, Simon Stephens, Apollo Theatre
[The fifteen-year-old narrator, Christopher, discovers the slain body of his neighbor’s poodle on the neighbor’s front lawn one evening and sets out to uncover the murderer. His investigation is at times aided, and at other times hampered, by the mild form of autism he lives with.]

5*, Other Desert Cities - Jon Robin Baitz, TheatreWorks
[A Hollywood star’s desert estate glows with Christmas cheer. But home for the holidays is daughter Brooke, a novelist whose tell-all memoir is sure to rip the politically-divided clan apart.]
5*, Mephistopheles - Arrigo Boito, San Francisco Opera
[A retelling of Goethe’s Faust. From the Prologue in heaven to a medieval carnival, to a Witches Sabbath, to Helen of Troy's Greece, and concluding with Faust's sudden and undeserved escape from Hell, was grand, romantic, and extravagant.]
4*, 1776 - Sherman Edwards, Peter Stone, A.C.T.
[Our founding fathers wrestled with infighting, held heated debates, and negotiated compromises while drafting the Declaration of Independence.]
5*, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike - Christopher Durang, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[Chekhov is turned on his head in this new farce for our modern hyperconnected world. In bucolic Bucks County, PA, Vanya and Sonia have frittered their lives away in their family’s farmhouse full of regret, angst and the alarmingly ambiguous prophecies of their addled housecleaner Cassandra. Enter their sister, self-absorbed movie star Masha, with her prized 20-something boy toy Spike.]
4*, After the Revolution - Amy Herzog, Aurora Theatre
[Recent law school graduate Emma proudly carries the torch of her family’s Marxist tradition by running a nonprofit organization dedicated to the memory of her blacklisted grandfather. But when a newly published book reveals shocking truths about the man, the entire family is forced to confront questions of honesty and allegiance they thought long ago resolved.]

5*, Dolores Cliborne - Tobias Picker, J.D. McClathy, San Francisco Opera
[Based on Steven King novel. When housekeeper Dolores Claiborne is questioned in the death of her wealthy employer, a long-hidden dark secret from her past is revealed- how and why she killed her husband, Joe, 30 years ago.]
5*, Falstaff - Giuseppe Verdi, Arrigo Boito, San Francisco Opera
[Based on Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry IV, Verdi's last opera is a wise, wistful comedy about a self-deluded old man who vainly attempts to seduce two women at once.]
4*, It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman - Charles Strouse, Lee Adams, David Newman, Robert Benton, 42nd Street Moon
[Superman attempts to defeat Dr. Sedgwick, a ten-time Nobel Prize-losing scientist who seeks to avenge the scientific world's dismissal of his brilliance. Additionally, Superman comes into romantic conflict with Max Mencken, a columnist for the Daily Planet newspaper, who resents Lois Lane's attraction to Superman.]
5*, Beautiful The Carole King Musical - Douglas McGrath, Gerry Goffin & Carole King, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, SHN
[Tells the inspiring true story of King’s rise to stardom, alongside husband and co-writer Gerry Goffin and fellow song writers Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil]
5*, The Flying Dutchman - Richard Wagner, San Francisco Opera
[A ship's captain is condemned to endlessly travel the seas in search of true love. Once every seven years he may leave his ship in search of a woman who will redeem him from his deathless wandering if she gives him faithful, absolute love. Enter the lovely Senta.]
5*, The Taming - Lauren Gunderson, Crowded Fire Theater
[What happens when a conservative senatorial aid, a liberal political activist, and a newly-crowned Miss Georgia walk into a bar? Overheated political rhetoric, surprising truths about our founding fathers, and three slightly insane women who just might be revolutionary geniuses.]
4*, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo - Rajiv Joseph, San Francisco Playhouse
[Two US Marines and an Iraqi translator are thrust into a world of greed, mystery and betrayal after an encounter with a now-deceased but still very pissed-off tiger.]
3*, Warrior Class - Kenneth Lin, TheatreWorks
[A young, charismatic speaker and congressional candidate is dubbed “The Republican Obama.” But when word of a youthful indiscretion with a college girlfriend threatens scandal, he discovers the dangerous intersection of politics and idealism.]
5*, Carrie The Musical - Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford, Lawrence D. Cohen, Ray of Light Theatre
[Based on Stephen King’s novel. Musical reworked and re-imagined from B'way flop. Carrie White is a misfit. At school, she’s an outcast who’s bullied by the popular crowd. At home, she’s at the mercy of her loving yet cruelly over-protective mother. But Carrie’s just discovered she’s got a special power. And if pushed too far, she’s not afraid to use it.]
3*, Next Fall - Geoffrey Nauffts, San Jose Repertory Theatre
[Younger Luke believes in God and is not out to his family. Older Adam believes in everything else. The couple’s five-year relationship is told with sharp humor. When an accident changes everything, Adam must turn to Luke’s family and friends for support.]

5*, The Pianist of Willesden Lane - Mona Golabek, Hershey Felder, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
[Set in Vienna in 1938 and London during the Blitzkrieg, this one hander tells the true story of Mona Golabek's mother, Lisa Jura. As a young Jewish pianist, Lisa dreams of a concert debut at Musikverein concert hall. When Lisa is swept up in the Kindertransport to London in an attempt to protect her from the Nazi regime, everything about her life is upended -- except her love of music.]
5*, Underneath the Lintel - Glen Berger, A.C.T. (David Strathairn)
[A monologue by a Dutch librarian who delves into the history of a book which is returned 113 years overdue, and becomes convinced that the borrower was the Wandering Jew. He sets off on a quest to unravel the secrets of the book and the person who borrowed it.]
4*, Gruesome Playground Injuries - Rajiv Joseph, Tides Theatre
[An accident prone dare devil and a corrosive masochist navigate friendship and love. Doug and Kayleen meet in a school nurse's office, beginning a lifelong intimacy which is revealed through the physical and emotional injuries they sustain over 30 years.]
5*, Peter and the Starcatcher - Rick Elice, SHN
[This prequel to "Peter Pan" is based on the 2006 young-adult novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. ]
3*, I Married an Angel - Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, 42nd Street Moon
[An angel comes to earth, falls in love with a banker, loses her wings, and wreaks havoc with her habit of telling the uncomfortable truth. Great cast, dated show.]
5*, The Barber of Seville - Gicachino Rossini, Pierre Beaumorchais, San Francisco Opera
[Count Almaviva loves the beautiful Rosina, who is kept a virtual prisoner in the house of her lecherous guardian Dr. Bartolo. Almaviva hires jack-of-all-trades Figaro to liberate her.]
5*, Ideation - Aaron Loeb, San Francisco Playhouse
[A group of corporate consultants work together on a mysterious and ethically ambiguous project. They are brainstorming a new assignment: to design a system for disposal of dead bodies. Millions of them. Some of them not dead - yet.]

4*, Tristan & Yseult - Emma Rice, Carl Grose, Anna Maria Murphy, Berkeley Repertory Theatre (Kneehigh Theatre)
[An ancient tale of the knight Tristan's love for Yseult, the new wife of his liege, King Mark - often considered the template for the Lancelot-Guinevere-Arthur triangle. Based on an ancient tale from the old Celtic kingdom of Cornwall.]
5*, A Bright New Boise - Samuel D. Hunter, Aurora Theatre
[In the break room of a Hobby Lobby craft store in Idaho, Will applies for a job. No one knows yet that he has recently fled a scandalous tragedy at his fundamentalist church. Will's goal now is to bond with his estranged son before the impending Rapture.]
4*, Little Women - Allan Knee, Jason Howland, Mindi Dickstein, TheatreWorks
[Musical based on novel by Louisa May Alcott. Four precocious New England sisters come of age in this 1860s story. It follows independent Jo, traditional Meg, soft-spoken Beth, and vivacious Amy on their journey of personal discovery, romance, heartbreak, and enduring sisterhood.]
5*, Storefront Church - John Patrick Shanley, San Francisco Playhouse
[Thrown together by a mortgage crisis, a basically decent, ethically-conflicted, Bronx borough president and a high-minded preacher who's a Katrina refugee from New Orleans square off in an intense confrontation about their individual commitments to their social and spiritual beliefs.] {90}

Other cultural events and activities:
JAN: de Young Museum: Rudolf Nureyev: A Life in Dance; Legion of Honor: Royal Treasures from the Louvre: Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette; Gifts from the Gods: Art and the Olympic Ideal; Artful Animals
JAN: Friends and family night at Supperclub SF with Shannon and friends.
FEB: Brunch at Sunday's A Drag at the Starlight Room in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel with Josh and friends.
FEB: SFGMC's Spring Retreat, Camp Newman
FEB: Oscar party for Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at R3 Hotel, Guerneville
MAR: Weekend in SF staying at Beck's Motor Lodge; tour murals along 24th St.
MAR: Live at the RRazz: Patti LuPone concert Far Away Places
MAR: Hosted gay seder for 21
MAR: Facing History and Ourselves: Young Professional Happy Hour at Alibi restaurant, SF
APR: Giants baseball opening weekend; stayed Sat night at Beck's
APR: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Christian Marclay's The Clock
APR: SFGMC presents Harvey's Sound Track with Vocal Minority & Lollipop Guild, special guest Matt Alber
APR: The Bay Lights, the 25,000-light display on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
APR: Facing History and Ourselves Benefit Dinner.
MAY: Outlet's "Out to Eat" fundraising dinner.
MAY: Weekend in SF with daughters. Giants; watch Circus Center trapeze classes by girls.
MAY: Facing History and Ourselves in Conversation in partnership with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. Panelists: Anne Kronenberg, Dan Nicoletta
MAY: SFGMC donor event: Iconic Images of Harvey Milk & A View of Castro Culture with Photographer Dan Nicoletta
JUN: Weekend in SF with Arthur: Golden Gate park run; Alley Cat Books author reading "InsideStorytime: Catharsis with Judy Juanita, Daniel LeVesque, Annie Lin, Chris Cole, and Lindsay Merbaum"; Sunday Streets in Dogpatch.
JUN: Father's Day BBQ with all six kids.
JUN: Weekend with Carlo and JC. Visit Stanford University.
JUN: SFGMC 35th Anniversary Concert Living the Legacy features the world premiere of I am Harvey Milk by Broadway composer Andrew Lippa.
JUN: San Francisco Pride Prink Friday; march in SF Pride Parade.
JUL: New York City for a week staying at The Out; Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art: Paul Thek And His Circle In The 1950s. Drinks with producer Randy Adams and actor Francis Jue; walk the High Line Park.
JUL: ArtPoint's Bastille Day Gala: Riviera Regatta at Legion of Honor: Impressionists on the Water exhibition; Circus Center San Francisco performances; DJ Marija Dunn.
AUG: A day in London, a month in France.
Brand g Vacations: “Burgundy and Provence Riverboat Gay Cruise.”
Nichols Expeditions: “Provence Bike and Boat Tour.”
Paris: Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Cemetery, Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, St-Germain-des-Pres and St. Sulpice churches, Musée Carnavalet-Histoirie de Paris, Musée d'Art et Historie de Judaism, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Musée du Lourve, Opera Garnier, Musée d'Orsay, Jardin des Tuilieries, Musée de L'Orangerie, Petit Palais, les Catacombes de Paris, Musée Zadkine, Musée National Eugene Delacroix, Conciergerie, Musée Montmartre, Espace Dali, Hotel des Invalides/Napoleon's Tomb, Musée de l'Armee, Basilica of the Sacré Cœur, explored Montmartre, Marais (Jewish and gay neighborhood) and the Latin Quarter.
Beaune: Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune museum.
Tournus: Abbey of St. Philibert.
Mâcon: Pont St.-Laurent, Cathedral of St. Vincent, Church of St. Pierre.
Lyon: Old Town (a UNESCO world heritage site), public "tromp l'oeil" building murals, Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Cathedral of St. John, Centre for the History of the Resistance and Deportation, Lumière Museum.
Viviers: tour of medieval town, Romanesque Cathedral of St. Vincent.
Avignon: Palace of the Popes, Cathedrale Notre-Dame-des Doms, Musée Calvet, Musée Angladon-Dubrujeaud, UNESCO Pont St- Benezet, Les Luminessences d'Avignon.
Arles: Roman Amphitheatre and Theatre, Cryptoportiques underground galleries, St. Trophime church, Musée de l'Arles Antique, visit sites of many van Gogh’s paintings, doctor visit for Ed.
Montpellier: Saint Clément Aqueduct, Old Town, Musée Fabre, Hotel Sabatier’s museum of decorative arts, gay scene, hike to beach town of Palavas-les-Flots.
Aigues-Mortes: walked through walled town and on ramparts, Tower of Constance, Notre-Dame des Sablons, toured Salins du Midi.
Bike tour sites: Camargue, Saintes Maries de la Mar, Gallician, Provence countryside, Fontvielle, Chateau des Baux, Carrieres de Lumieres, St.-Remy, Tarascon, Place de la Mairie in Meynes, Pont du Gard aqueduct, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Sorgues, Roquemaure,
SEP: TheatreWorks Green Room Party (Ed)
OCT: Amine Gharbi from France visits for 12 days. Visit SF tourist sites, Big Basin State Park hike.
OCT: Horizons Foundation Annual Gala Dinner honoring Ambassador James C. Hormel
OCT: San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus' fundraising gala: Crescendo
OCT: Weekend trip to San Diego to visit David & Shawn.
NOV: TheatreWorks: Anything Goes, 11th Annual Costume Gala
NOV: Palo Alto JCC: Wrestling with Our Sacred Texts with Rabbi Steve Greenberg (Eddie); Stanford Hillel: Bishop Gene Robinson in Conversation with Rabbi Steve Greenberg (Ed)
NOV: Foothills Park hike with David and John, Outlet/ACS houseparty.
NOV: Facing History and Ourselves Community Conversations: "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine" film screening.
NOV: Museum of American Heritage: Television: A History
NOV: Thanksgiving trip to Tennessee with Aunt Kathy: Nashville, Paris. Third school reunion party for Eddie at Paris Winery and antiquing in Hazel, KY. Showtunes Sunday at Tribe|Nashville.
DEC: San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: Shine at War Memorial Opera House
DEC: Weekend in SF with Brenton; deYoung Museum: David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition, The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950–1990; SantaCon; Emperor Norton's Fantastic San Francisco Time Machine walking tour
DEC: Two week vacation in Fort Lauderdale at Pineapple Point Guesthouse & Resort

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